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About Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy Theatre was born out of a one off pantomime performance in 2018. Our original purpose was to raise money for charity while having a great time, and this has since grown to include an important aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ actors and theatre enthusiasts to practice their art.


We think it's more important than ever for LGBTQ people to have spaces and groups where they can feel confident to express themselves and live their lives openly.


We are an inclusive group with a high proportion of LGBTQ people and a number of allies who want to get involved with our theatrical productions while supporting their LGBTQ friends. We are a friendly, supportive, and respectful community who provide opportunities for amateur actors, directors, and technical theatre crew, and we are run in an open, democratic manner which enables and encourages everybody to have a say and ensures that their voices are heard and taken seriously regardless of any disadvantages which they may face in wider society.

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